RedTail EDI – Outsourced Managed EDI Cloud Service

RedTail Manages EDI for You
Struggling to manage your own EDI operation? Tying up precious IT resources updating EDI maps and troubleshooting failed transactions? Do you suspect that the real cost per EDI transaction is eating into margins? RedTail’s managed EDI service can help. Translation, processing, communications, and backup happen in the cloud—with a level of security and fault-tolerance that is impractical to achieve with in-house infrastructure.

RedTail replaces your need for translators such as IBM® Sterling Gentran®, IBM Gentran:Director®, IBM Gentran:Server® for Microsoft Windows®, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, OpenText™ GXS TrustedLink™ (formerly Inovis), CovalentWorks, EXTOL®, Microsoft BizTalk, SEEBURGER, or TIE Kinetix.

RedTail EDI provides supported integration to many ERP systems, or you can utilize your existing integration and business rules software. Transactions are monitored constantly so that problems can be corrected before they become critical. Best of all, everything is managed, maintained and supported by RedTail’s expert EDI team.

Complexity Made Simple: A Better Way to Do EDI

  • Fast trading partner onboarding
  • Experts who handle arcane EDI details for you
  • Seamless interface to ERP for any trading partner
  • No in-house EDI software stack required
  • No in-house mapping or map maintenance
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RedTail Manages EDI: You Grow Your Business

With thousands of trading partners and suppliers already on board, RedTail has the know-how to provide comprehensive EDI services fast, and at lower cost than you ever thought possible.

EDI document mapping is not a core competency for your company. Get rid of Gentran, Sterling Integrator, TrustedLink, or BizTalk layers. Free your company from the burden of trading partner onboarding and maintenance. Save all the resources you now spend hosting and managing finicky software.

Concentrate on your business. Do what you do best. RedTail will handle EDI for you.

RedTail takes responsibility for your EDI success—every transaction, with every trading partner, every day—beginning with setup and testing of your trading relationships.

Cost per EDI Transaction Analysis Tool (xls – requires registration)
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RedTail EDI Frees Up Resources

“We had a backlog of customers, vendors and freight carriers that we needed to get up to speed with, and I needed some help. We did a head-to-head comparison among a number of vendors, and RedTail was selected.”
—Patti Tankersley, A.O. Smith Water Products

“We wanted to outsource the headaches of EDI so we can spend more time on what we do best – making and marketing great beverages. That’s why RedTail EDI is a great fit.”
—Victor Diercksen, TalkingRain Beverage Company

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