EDI Outsourcing – GDSN Outsourcing

Outsourcing EDI and GDSN to RedTail Solutions ensures that you will have the best EDI compliance because our experts handle the complex details for you. Everything is delivered with cloud simplicity, power and efficiency.

Fast EDI Implementation

  • No hardware, network or EDI software intallation hassles
  • RedTail has established relationships with over 800 trading partners in Retail, Grocery, Industrial, Automotive and Pharmaceutical sectors
  • Uses proven maps and connections that already handle millions of EDI transactions for customers

Reduce Total Cost of Operation

  • No hardware, networks or EDI software to buy, house, operate, power, patch, maintain and upgrade
  • Rates decrease as usage increases
  • Lower total cost than Web EDI (webforms EDI) or EDI Software

Invest No Capital

  • Pay-per-use service provides a complete EDI solution with no hidden, extra charges
  • Preserves your existing investment in accounting ERP system

Free Up Resources

  • Our team – with hundreds of person-years of EDI experience – is your EDI team
  • No staff turnover worries

Trade with Any Partner

  • Supports any EDI transaction type, including PO, PO Acknowledgement, ASN, Invoice, Remittance Advice, Credit/Debit Adjustment, Text Message – and hundreds more
  • Interoperates with every EDI transaction standard, including ANSI ASC X12, EDIFACT, XML and EAN/UCC
  • Communicates using AS2, AS3, FTP, sFTP, HTTPS and VAN network standards

Assure Compliance

  • RedTail does set-up, EDI mapping, and validation of all trading partner connections for you
  • Experts test and correct any problems before the first live transaction occurs

Improve Scorecards

  • RedTail’s mastery of intricate trading partner requirements ensures accurate, error-free EDI transaction flow
  • RedTail monitors and updates trading partner connections to ensure on-going compliance
  • Meet GDSN mandates easily

Eliminate Chargebacks

  • RedTail generates timely ASNs and prints GS1-128 labels, even in high volume, complex packing operations
  • RedTail handles trading partner-specific label setup

Speed Order-to-Cash Cycle

  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Reduces time and prevents errors

Stay Up and Running Securely

  • RedTail EDI is accessible 24 hours a day, every day, from world-class cloud datacenters with reliability better than even the most diligent company can achieve on its own
  • RedTail’s constant monitoring, error detection and resolution, as well as complete backup and audit trail, ensure that every transaction reaches its destination correctly