Integrated EDI from RedTail — Save Time, Cut Errors

“The cost of manual data entry to get our EDI transactions into and out of our accounting system was consuming countless hours we could better use servicing customers and growing the business.”
—CFO of large grocery supplier

“Manual data entry, time delays in getting transactions in and out of our accounting solution, and an increasing error rate caused us to look for an EDI solution integrated with our ERP system.”
—CIO of automotive products manufacturer

Both of these executives found their answers with RedTail’s managed EDI services and its seamless EDI integration with many of the most popular mid-market ERP and accounting systems. Electronic data interchange without all the manual data entry!

Sound like your challenge? On this page you’ll find resources that will help you understand what you need to know to make good choices about integrated EDI solutions that can streamline your operations.


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EDI Integration with Accounting Systems

RedTail EDI’s out of the box EDI integration eliminates data entry tasks and lets your staff focus on execution and exception handling. Send purchase orders directly to your ERP or accounting system without duplicate key entry of information. Automatically rout invoices and shipping information generated within the accounting system back through RedTail EDI to RedTail’s servers where they are transformed and forwarded to trading partners. No EDI software required.