RedTail — Outsourced EDI is EDI Simplified

“Sales signed a new customer, a leading retailer. We were thrilled until they told us about the requirement to conduct business via EDI. We had to be up and running in a matter of weeks.”
—Director of IT, Retail Supplier

Fortunately there’s a happy ending to this story. RedTail had this supplier handling EDI transactions with their new customer with time to spare.

Sound like your predicament? On this page you’ll find resources that will help you understand what you need to know to make good choices about an outsourced EDI solution to get you up and running quickly and economically. The good news is that you don’t have to master the arcane technology and semantics of EDI to be trade-compliant with your new customer. Outsourced EDI is EDI simplified.

RedTail EDI
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Turn EDI Over to the Experts – You Grow Your Business

RedTail EDI is a cloud powered, managed EDI service. It’s an affordable outsourced EDI solution that speaks the language of your industry and helps you, and your team, get up and running fast. At RedTail Solutions, we become your EDI resource and handle all aspects of EDI for you so that you can concentrate resources on growing your business, not running a complex EDI mapping and translation system.

EDI Complexity Made Simple

RedTail takes responsibility for your EDI success – every transaction, with every trading partner, every day – beginning with setup and testing of your trading relationships. RedTail powers transaction processing with secure, fault-tolerant datacenters that host all translation and mapping software, hardware and network infrastructure. Transactions are monitored constantly so that problems are corrected before they become critical. Best of all, everything is managed, maintained and supported by RedTail’s experienced EDI team. No EDI software to install or maintain!