RedTail GDS Helps You Get Up to Speed

“We were EDI-compliant with our Trading Partners. Next thing we know one of our biggest customers was asking us to upload items and attributes into the GDSN, something we knew nothing about.”
—CIO of leading retail manufacturer

Trying to come up to speed on the Global Data Synchronization Network? GTINs? GLNs? On this page you will find resources to educate you about the GDSN and to help you understand how to make good choices about a GDS solution.

RedTail GDS is an outsourced, cloud managed service. It’s an affordable GDS solution that speaks the language of your industry and helps you, and your team, get up and running fast. With subscription-based pricing and tight integration with data pools it’s an excellent option for a mid-size supplier.

RedTail GDS

Download the 1Sync White Paper:
Product Data Management – The Evolution of Data Synchronization (pdf)