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October 2013

In This Issue:

Message from Bob Gleason, CEO
Technology updates and new reporting solutions upgrade your RedTail EDI service.

New Reporting Portal 
A new, online portal that gives visibility to your EDI transactions is being rolled out this month.

Warehouse and 3PL Automation
Why ERP isn’t the only EDI interface
that benefits suppliers like you.

New at RedTail
“Freedom to Do Business” slogan clarifies our value to customers. New video explains it.

Featured Partner
RedTail partner ACCU-DART, highlighted in this issue, is a premier vendor of real-time inventory solutions.

Industry News

– Fewer US Factories?

– Walmart closer to fixing empty shelves problem.

– Packaging Megatrends
How will packaging needs change in high growth emerging markets.

CEO’s Message    Bob Gleason Photo

I’d like to talk about two major areas of on-going investment at RedTail, both aimed at providing you with exceptional managed EDI services.

Operational Technology Investment

First let me update you on the technology investments we are making here at RedTail so that we maintain and improve our service levels as we manage the rapid growth we have been experiencing.  We are nearing the completion of a multi-million dollar investment program that provides a platform enabling us to deliver exceptional services for years to come. Here are some highlights of this major transformation:

  • Software upgrades – we are investing in major and minor software upgrades to improve performance and reliability.
  • Increased horsepower – we continue to build additional network and hardware capacity to stay ahead of the curve as our business rapidly expands.  We have invested heavily in virtualization of our systems to provide redundancy and flexibility in deployment and execution.
  • Additional staff – we are hiring more of the kind of staff you have come to know and respect.
  • Monitoring – we are expanding our monitoring systems to be alerted to problems with any system component providing communication, translation, or business rule execution services.
  • Business continuity – we conducted a thorough analysis of potential failure points in our systems.  Where needed we have upgraded our business continuity solutions to ensure that we can rapidly failover to redundant systems in the event that any component experiences a slow down or outage.
These improvements were already underway when, in early March, some of you experienced service levels that were well below our service level objectives.  While those issues were isolated to a single component in our systems, there were sporadic slowdowns for several weeks as we reset and upgraded the problem component.  We apologize sincerely for the difficulties this may have caused those of you who were affected. All of us at RedTail realize how critical timely delivery of transactions is to your business.  We work tirelessly to sustain and improve our service levels.  Preventing future instances like this is our highest priority.

You deserve nothing less than the best EDI services. I am confident that RedTail is doing what we must to continue to deliver our industry-leading service levels, and would encourage you to get in touch with me if you have questions.

New Solutions

At the same time, we have also been investing heavily in software development to provide you with more end-user capabilities.  Last year we introduced Warehouse Link and 3PL Link to enable exchanging information with your warehouse management system or your third party logistics provider.

Today we are announcing a new generation of RedTail EDI Reports.  This new web based reporting service enables your staff to create ad hoc and scheduled reports across all your trading relationships.  The reports provide detail at the business document level and can be used for exception reporting and generation of alerts.  RedTail EDI Reports has been in beta phase and will now be rolled out to all customers on a schedule over the next few months. You’ll see that it enables online visibility to documents by date, transaction type, customer, or status.  If you are receiving document level reports today these were built by our staff with EDI Reports.  When you gain access you’ll be able to manage and extend these reports yourself.

Finally, RedTail is seeing a new trend. We’ve traditionally been used by suppliers who use EDI to sell to their customers. Increasingly, customers are using RedTail EDI to buy from their suppliers. We recently released Supplier Link—a module that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s purchase order processing. If you could benefit from improving efficiency on the procurement side, let us know.

I want to thank you for your business.  We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you in accelerating your order to cash cycle.  There’s no more important part of your business and we take it very seriously. 


Bob Gleason       Email Feedback

Featured Partner

Accu-Dart Logo

ACCU-DART is a real-time inventory control solution designed specifically for your accounting or inventory system. It is a radio frequency, bar code solution designed to leverage the power of your existing system by providing the warehouse or shop floor with wireless technology.

It is functionally rich, automating most of the daily warehouse functions. Because it is very affordable and so easy to implement, you can significantly reduce costs and see the benefits immediately!

ACCU_DART  integrates directly with Sage 300 ERP, Sage Pro ERP, and AccountMate software.

Details here.

New Reporting Portal


RedTail EDI Reports is a new way to get up-to-date information about your electronic document interchanges with customers and other trading partners. It provides online access to day-to-day transactions as well as business intelligence about specific customers and suppliers.

RedTail EDI Reports Screen Shot

You can generate reports any time, as-needed and/or on regular schedules. All trading partners and transaction types are available for reporting with this new capability. Best of all, RedTail EDI Reports is provided at no additional charge as a regular feature of RedTail EDI.

New at RedTail

You may have noticed RedTail’s new tagline, Freedom to Do Business. In a departure from the jargon common in the EDI buisness, we use plain English to describe what we offer our customers: Freedom to do what you do best—focus on your core business—while RedTail handles EDI.

Let us know what you think!

View our new video

Freedom to Do Business thumbnail

Warehouse and 3PL Automation

ERP is the core business management management system for mid-sized suppliers. That is why RedTail focuses on strong integration between EDI and the ERP systems you use. In addition to basic EDI transactions, our customers with higher volumes often need connections to their warehouses and third-party logistics providers.

RedTail offers special modules to achieve this additional measure of process automation, so you can cut costs while improving service to your trading partners. Find out more about RedTail Warehouse Link and RedTail 3PL Link today. They work with most WMS or barcode scanning system, and are compatible with 3PL systems.

While you are at it, check out our white paper on ASN automation for more background on why Advance Shipment Notifiction accuracy is crucial to earning great scorecards with your customers.

Industry News

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