Mid-Sized Toy Supplier “Runs with the Big Dogs”

Appolis + RedTail EDI + Warehouse Link = Huge Orders

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Retailers need accurate, timely Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN) to keep costs down and handle merchandise efficiently. Suppliers who can’t handle complicated shipments risk losing the business to vendors that can.See how Westminster earns big orders from the likes of Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, CVS, Walmart and Family Dollar using RedTail EDI and Warehouse Link. “ASN’s that used to take days we do in literally an hour,” says Dori Levy in this brief video:

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“Advanced Shipment
Notifications and the Mid-Sized Supplier”

Learn how to manage ASN automation improvements to drive increased
sales and profits, including integration of ERP, warehouse management and EDI.

Appolis’ WithoutWires barcode-enables inventory movements between bins, sites, vendors, and customers. RedTail’s managed EDI cloud services delivers world-class trade compliance while you concentrate on your core business.

  • Direct Interface to Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Lot and Serial Tracking
  • Real-time KPI’s and Reporting

Appolis and RedTail help businesses streamline operations so more of your hard-earned revenue makes it to the bottom line.


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