Welcome to the RedTail EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Information Page

RedTail is eager to provide answers when you need them. You deserve top-tier service, and we are here to deliver it.

How to Contact RedTail Support

For questions about RedTail EDI for new Microsoft Dynamics GP implementations, please contact your RedTail implementation manager directly.

For all existing customer support, email support@redtailsolutions.com. Email is the best way to make a support request because it is automatically routed to a group queue that alerts the responsible team members.

Here are numbers to reach us by phone or fax:

Toll Free: 866-764-7601

Tel: 508-983-1900

Fax: 508-983-1906

RedTail Service Level Objectives

RedTail responds promptly and follows the escalation procedures as outlined in your agreement. Please refer to the schedule in the agreement, or contact RedTail for a copy.