RedTail Warehouse Link for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Released automatically or selectively in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, orders are transmitted via Warehouse Link to your Warehouse Management System or order fulfillment system for picking. When the warehouse software informs Warehouse Link the order has shipped, order and item status are updated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and an ASN (EDI 856) is automatically generated and sent to your trading partner. Carton ID’s and contents, SCAC codes and other shipping information are included in the ASN as required for trade compliance.

Improved Operations
If you are creating ASNs via redundant data entry you are well aware that this approach can be error prone and inefficient. Warehouse Link benefits include:

  • Sending accurate, on-time ASNs to your customers
  • Saving time and labor by using data that has already been captured in the picking and shipping process
  • Automatically recording audit trails that make it easy to determine the source of errors

Warehouse Link automates the process of generating and transmitting accurate ASNs with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. RedTail Warehouse Link will increase accuracy, improve operational efficiency and enhance your tracking capabilities.

Warehouse Link works with Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s native WMS capability for pick-pack, shipping, and ADC.
If you use other fulfillment systems such as Accellos, Lanham E-Ship, Savant, and Solochain, Warehouse Link ensures that all your critical distribution information is connected and consistent.

Proven Solution
RedTail’s EDI expertise and warehouse integration smarts combine to produce solutions that get you up and running fast with efficient, effective EDI processes integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If you use a third party logistics provider (3PL), learn more about RedTail 3PL Link.

RedTail Warehouse Link for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Datasheet (pdf)
RedTail EDI for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Datasheet (pdf)