RedTail Warehouse Link for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Released automatically or selectively in Microsoft Dynamics GP, orders are transmitted via Warehouse Link to your Warehouse Management System or order fulfillment system for picking. When the warehouse software informs Warehouse Link the order has shipped, order and item status are updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP and an ASN (EDI 856) is automatically generated and sent to your trading partner. Carton ID’s and contents, SCAC codes and other shipping information are included in the ASN as required for trade compliance.

Available modules

Description Required 3rd Party Application
Warehouse Link – Auto ASN Generates ASN from Sales Order
header and item quantity information
Warehouse Link – WorldShip Generates ASN using information from
UPS WorldShip
UPS WorldShip
Warehouse Link – Pick-Pack Bidirectional integration with your
pick/pack application
Blue Moon Advanced Fullfilment
or other pick/pack application
Warehouse Link – WMS Comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) integration Accellos One, Kare Visual
, or Manhattan SCALE

Improved Visibility

Beyond document exchange and integration, Warehouse Link adds important order fulfillment and history views into Microsoft Dynamics GP, based on Operations Core from Blue Moon in conjunction with your fulfillment system.

  • Customer/Order-Specific Fulfillment Instructions
  •  Customer/Item Picking Instructions
  •  Customer Ship-to/Bill-to Notes
  •  Mark-for-Store Labeling Information
  •  Customer/Item Price Ticket Labeling
  •  Item/Shipment Searchable Packing Detail
  •  Shipment Tracking

If you use pick-pack, shipping, ADC or Warehouse Management Systems, Warehouse Link communicates directly with them so all your critical distribution information is connected and consistent.

Proven Solution

RedTail Warehouse Link was developed in partnership with Blue Moon Industries, whose warehouse integration technology is widely installed and actively used to integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP with most popular WMS and fulfillment systems. RedTail’s EDI expertise and Blue Moon’s warehouse integration smarts combined to produce a solution that will get you up and running fast with efficient, effective EDI processes that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you use a third party logistics provider (3PL), ask about RedTail 3PL Link.

RedTail Warehouse Link for Microsoft Dynamics GP Datasheet (pdf)
RedTail EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP Datasheet (pdf)

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