RedTail GDS

Global Data Synchronization for Today’s Supply Chain

Global Data Synchronization (GDS) allows organizations to share the latest item, location and price data with each other, preventing costly mistakes and delays. In addition to satisfying buyers’ requirements, there are many benefits to suppliers when adopting GDS:

  • Increase speed-to-shelf for new items
  • Decrease invoice deductions
  • Reduce time spent researching and resolving item data and other discrepancies
  • Lower transportation costs by improving outbound logistics processes
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RedTail GDS Makes It Simple

RedTail’s GDS managed service provides an easy to use solution that allows complete item data synchronization with your trading partners through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). RedTail GDS provides you the ability to manage all your GDS transactions and generate reports regarding your item data. 

RedTail is a 1WorldSync Solutions Partner.

RedTail GDS Datasheet (pdf)
About Global Data Synchronization
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