RedTail 3PL Link for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Powerful 3PL and Third Party Warehouse Integration
RedTail 3PL Link automates communication of order releases and shipment notifications with your 3PL (third party logistics provider). For orders released automatically or selectively in Microsoft Dynamics GP, RedTail 3PL Link will transmit EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Orders to your 3PL. When your 3PL transmits an EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice, the order and item status is updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

With RedTail’s complementary solution, Warehouse Link, an ASN (EDI 856) can be selectively or automatically generated and sent to your trading partner. Carton ID’s, SCAC codes and other required shipping information are included in the ASN as required for trade compliance.

Improved Visibility
Beyond document exchange and integration, 3PL Link adds important order fulfillment and history views into Microsoft Dynamics GP based on Operations Core from Blue Moon.

  • Customer/Order-Specific Fulfillment
  • Instructions
  • Customer/Item Picking Instructions
  • Customer Ship-to/Bill-to Notes
  • Mark-for-Store Labeling Information
  • Customer/Item Price Ticket Labeling
  • Item/Shipment Searchable Packing Detail
  • Shipment Tracking

3PL Link will streamline document transfer with your logistics provider, improve operational efficiency and enhance your tracking capabilities.

RedTail EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP Datasheet (pdf)
RedTail 3PL Link for Microsoft Dynamics GP Datasheet (pdf)
RedTail EDI and 3PL Link Case Study – Fitness EM (pdf)

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