RedTail 3PL Link Automates Interaction with
Third-Party Logistics Providers

Outsourcing of warehousing, handling, and shipping of goods to 3PL’s is an increasingly popular option as suppliers change sourcing and distribution patterns. For many companies, efficiency in order fulfillment, ease of regional distribution and labor savings can be compelling. Extracting maximum value from 3PL’s requires streamlined processes and integration with business systems.

RedTail 3PL Link eliminates manual steps and reduces errors with electronic communication of precise warehouse shipping orders to one or more 3PL’s. RedTail 3PL Link transmits EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Orders to your 3PL and receives EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advices. Most importantly, 3PL connects directly to your accounting/ERP system to speed the order-to-cash process.

View the specifics of RedTail 3PL Link the following accounting/ERP systems:

RedTail 3PL Link for Microsoft Dynamics GP
RedTail 3PL Link for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
RedTail 3PL Link for Sage 100 ERP (Formerly Sage ERP MAS 90-200)


Contact us for information about RedTail 3PL Link for other accounting/ERP systems.