Cloud Powered, Managed EDI Services include EDI Mapping, EDI Translation, and EDI Testing

Cloud Powered, Managed EDI Services — RedTail EDI eliminates the need for in-house hardware and EDI software in order to interact with your trading partners. Even the Value Added Network (VAN) service is included. All you need is access to the Internet and we take care of the rest.

EDI Mapping — As your EDI service provider, RedTail Solutions will take over the task of mapping inbound and outbound EDI messages to your trading partners. We have a large and growing list of trading partners whose suppliers have conducted millions of transactions—a degree of experience impossible to duplicate in house.

EDI Translation — RedTail EDI includes our proprietary translation tool that will convert all standard EDI formats into the specific formats required to integrate with your back-end accounting system.

EDI Testing — The RedTail EDI Support Team will assist in testing all of the mapping and translation prior to going live, ensuring a smooth and painless transition to RedTail EDI.

EDI Integration — RedTail assists with installation and testing of the direct link to your ERP system. EDI orders and invoices will flow seamlessly between your back-end accounting system and RedTail EDI without manual data transcription. No more keying drudgery or mistakes!

Continuing Managed Service — RedTail EDI support continues after your EDI trading relationships are established. We actively monitor all EDI transmissions and make sure they continue to flow without issue. RedTail provides updates to mapping automatically to keep your supply chains solid. RedTail becomes your EDI department so you can concentrate on your business.