Referral Partners

If your business serves mid-size companies as a Value Added Reseller, Consultant, Manufacturers Representative, or Sales Representative for accounting or ERP products, then the RedTail Referral Partner program can deliver distinct advantages to your customers as well as significant additional income to you. By collaborating with RedTail Solutions during the sales process, you receive compensation when a company you refer implements RedTail EDI.

We look for partners who focus on Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Group, AccountMate and related business application software for the retail, manufacturing, distribution and other industries that are in need of EDI and GDS solutions.

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Referral Partner Benefits

Partnership with Best-in-Class
RedTail EDI is the ultimate in comprehensive, hassle-free EDI. By representing the most advanced on-demand offering in the industry, you build trust with your valued customers and increase repeat business.

Focus on Small to Mid-Sized Businesses
Like you we are focused exclusively on the mid-market. We understand the challenges of selling and delivering solutions to these demanding customers.

Price-Competitive EDI
Including an EDI solution with lower up-front cost and lower total cost of operation means conserving budget for ERP, CRM, consulting, and extended applications.

Added Value, Reduced Complexity
RedTail keeps the focus on the business benefits of trade compliance, not the obstacles to achieving it. Seamless integration with accounting/ERP systems delivers on the streamlined business processes customers want.

Freedom from EDI Headaches
You already know EDI can be convoluted and difficult to implement. Why waste time learning and practicing EDI secrets for occasional use when RedTail experts deliver a top-notch EDI service for you customer?

Ease of Integration
Our products use innovative technology that facilitates the integration of the front-end EDI service to the back-end business or accounting software that the customer uses to run their business.

Predictable Revenue Stream
Annuity compensation means that the EDI or GDS solution you help sell today stays sold—and produces profits for you year after year.

A Solution for Existing Customers
RedTail has developed collaborative marketing programs to reach out to your customer base. You can repackage our rich content on trade compliance to deliver valuable insight to your customers.

Getting Started as a Referral Partner

To apply for participation in the program, simply fill out the online Referral Partner application. Upon acceptance into the program, your company will receive credit for referrals and start enjoying the benefits of being a RedTail Referral Partner immediately.

Ease of Use – The simple user interface of RedTail EDI is a leapfrog improvement over current options available in the industry. End-users quickly assimilate themselves to RedTail EDI as easily as they do to their own email account.