Partner Benefits

Partners: We are not alone!

At RedTail Solutions, we know that it takes many types of partners to provide state-of-the-art business solutions to mid-size businesses in today’s fast-paced Internet world. We are always interested in adding to our growing list of top-flight Partners who have already become part of the RedTail Solutions family. We know that no individual company can be all things to everyone, and that the real value today is in partnering with those organizations that have strength where our customers or RedTail Solutions have need. As a result, RedTail Solutions has developed the premier Partner Program in this industry.

What Makes Our Solution Unique?

Ease of Use – The simple user interface of the RedTail Solutions product is a leapfrog improvement over current options available in the industry. End-users quickly assimilate themselves to the RedTail Solutions product as easily as they do to their own email account.

Ease of Integration – The products from RedTail Solutions use innovative technology that facilitates the integration of the front-end EDI service to the back-end business or accounting software that the customer uses to run their business. Customers can grow their business, and their EDI service from RedTail Solutions will grow with them. The ease of integration makes the RedTail Solutions product quickly adaptable to customers’ business requirements.

Industry Specific Solutions – Our applications are tailored to specific industries, e.g., retail, grocery, automotive and others. We offer “out of the box” business solutions that address specialized industry needs. At RedTail Solutions, we support all of the EDI requirements for your industry.

Internet-based “Software-as-a-Service” offering – Our software was built for the Worldwide Web in order to leverage the communication capabilities of the Internet. It is also built to be hosted by a Managed Services Provider for clients that prefer to outsource the hosting and maintenance of their business applications. Our software solutions and their outsourced delivery make it easy for small to mid-size businesses to level the playing field with their larger competitors.

Affordable – Our solutions are competitively priced and offer the average small to mid-size business reduced risks, minimum upfront capital and require no technology infrastructure investment.

Focus on Small to Mid-size Businesses – We are exclusively focused on the small to mid-size business market.

Becoming a RedTail Solutions Partner:

If you are a leader, or have the potential to be a leader in any of our partner groups, please review our Partnership Types, and then contact us by completing our short online application form. We promise to be prompt with our response to your request.