RedTail Announces Integration of RedTail EDI with Spire

End-to-End Automation of EDI Transactions for Suppliers and Distributors

WESTBOROUGH, MA, September 28, 2016  –  RedTail Solutions, which delivers managed cloud service solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI) and global data synchronization (GDSN) to mid-sized suppliers and manufacturers, today announced development of RedTail EDI for Spire, a managed EDI cloud service tightly coupled with Spire business management software.

RedTail EDI for Spire handles B2B ecommerce between suppliers that use Spire, a business management system from Spire Systems, Inc., and their trading partners such as Walmart, Loblaws,, and The Home Depot.  The seamless ERP-to-EDI integration enables efficient and accurate automated processing of large volumes of EDI transactions.  As a result, RedTail and Spire customers are able to cut costs, improve efficiency, eliminate errors, and accelerate order-to-cash and/or purchase-to-pay cycles. Bridging the “last mile” of the transaction cycle to and from Spire allows RedTail to deliver its industry-exclusive, graphical display of transaction status for all related documents in a single view.

Bob Gleason, president and CEO of RedTail Solutions, said, “We have worked with Spire Systems for many years supporting mutual customers. This new product release is a natural outgrowth of our desire to serve the growing market for Spire, their recently-introduced offering for accounting and enterprise resource planning.”

The RedTail EDI interface to Spire streamlines operations for EDI transactions, both inbound and outbound. Transactions can be reviewed, optionally edited, and approved/rejected individually or in batch. Direct integration with Spire ensures that no duplicate data entry is necessary and that transactions are performed with standard Spire business logic validations. For example, inbound EDI purchase orders are automatically moved to Spire as sales orders. Once the items are shipped, information is passed to RedTail EDI to generate and transmit the EDI invoices to trading partners. Clear reporting offers straightforward tools for management oversight.


RedTail EDI for Spire, which is sold and supported exclusively by RedTail, will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2016. RedTail customers can upgrade by contacting RedTail at RedTail will be sponsoring Spire Conference 2016 in Vaughn, ON, on September 29, 2016, where more information will be available.

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RedTail Solutions delivers Managed Cloud Services for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Global Data Synchronization (GDSN), enabling our customers to optimize trade compliance performance.  RedTail’s Managed Services seamlessly integrate with AccountMate, Infor, Microsoft, Sage, and Spire ERP systems to accelerate the order to cash cycle, reduce errors and chargebacks, and ensure product data synchronization.  Visit

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Spire Systems, Inc. is an innovative developer of business management software for small and mid-sized businesses based in New Westminster, BC, Canada.  Spire helps companies become more agile with software that gives them the flexibility and scalability to differentiate from the competition. Spire’s business management solution is designed to help cut costs, improve margins and meet customer demand. Visit

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