Five Iconic Chicago Foods To Try During Sage Summit 2016

Born of the city’s working heritage, these local classics are inexpensive, easy to find, and delicious. Fine dining? Not exactly. Health food? Nope. But a real taste of Chicago!

Chicago Style Hot Dogs Maxwell Street Polish   Italian Beef Sandwich Deep-Dish Pizza  Flaming Saganaki
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“Vienna Beef” is the dominant brand, but it’s the way they are served: poppy-seed bun, mustard, chopped onions, neon green relish, tomato wedges, a dill pickle spear, sport peppers, and celery salt This kielbasa topped with mustard, grilled onions and sport peppers is named for the street of its origin. (Chicago has the second highest ethnic Polish population after Warsaw.) Sausage tastes way better than supermarket brands. Thinly sliced beef is dunked in seasoned broth and served on a sub roll with sweet peppers or spicy giardiniera. Ask for it “wet” and they dunk the whole sandwich in the juices. Get extra napkins. Thick pizza served in varying, pan-baked styles is not subtle in any way. You’ll recognize your favorite toppings, but often it the middle—under lots or sauce and cheese. “Stuffed” variety has a top crust under sauce. Greek restaurants on Halstead Street serve this cheese appetizer flamed with brandy. Be sure to shout “Opa!”—along with everyone else in the restaurant—when yours is lighted tableside.

Downtown Dogs

Jim’s Original

Maxwell Street Depot

Al’s Italian Beef


Lou Malnati’s

Gino’s East

Greek Islands

The Parthenon

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