Connected ERP is the Linchpin of B2B Commerce

A company’s threshold isn’t at the office door anymore, it’s at the path to the ERP system. Mid-sized businesses need ERP to be the repository of accurate information about the whole order-to-cash cycle, including sales orders, inventory, shipments, invoices, and payments. Information must get into and out of ERP and shared with related internal and external […]

FMCG/CPG Consumer Trends for 2015

UK firm Brand Genetics recently published the voting patterns of 10,000 consumers in their 2015 Product Innovation of the Year awards. They reveal 9 big trends shaping the future of Fast Moving Consumer Goods/Consumer Packaged Goods (FMCG/CPG) in this interesting slideshare. The brands are in their UK dress, but themes seem international. What do you think? […]

EDI Connections with ERP Systems

For most companies that use EDI, integrating transaction processing with ERP is the single biggest factor in improving process efficiency. Reaching the desired state of connection means minimizing keystrokes and eliminating redundant effort through electronic, system-to-system updates of information. This article highlights the key areas that will give you the most return from EDI-ERP integration. […]

2014 Retailer Brand Value

Are the Best Retailer Brands the Largest? North America’s best retailer brands were recently ranked by Interbrand according to total brand value. Walmart, well known as the world’s largest retailer, nabbed the top spot. Most surprising was the ninth-ranked company, Coach, whose sales are only 1.2% of Walmart’s and dwarfed by hundreds of other retailers. […]

Nine Reasons Outsourcing is on the Rise

Most businesses today are actively engaged in outsourcing. In fact, offloading of non-core functions is arguably today’s most significant trend in both private and public sectors. Change is being driven by intense, global competition with its constant pressure on finances. Once confined to areas such as legal advice, transportation, and property maintenance, outsourcing now makes […]

Sage Connected Services: Cloud Now for Premise ERP

Sage has put great energy into the launch of its Connected Services strategy that blends cloud-delivered services with its other offerings. Does this mean that in-house, server-based software from Sage is about to disappear? Hardly. Sage calls it “Connected Services,” not “replacement services.” They know that while the case for using services provided beyond the […]