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John Matera is VP of Marketing for RedTail Solutions

Top Ten “Top Trends for 2017” Lists

Yep, it’s that time of the season again. Here is time-saving list of “Top Trends for 2017” lists for your convenience: Supply Chain Trends To Follow In 2017 via @forbes The Top Trends Shaping Business For 2017 via @forbes The Top 10 PC Technologies and Trends to Watch in 2017 via @pcworld Hottest Trends for […]

Why Activating and Maintaining Integrated EDI Trading Relationships are Difficult

Setting up of integrated trading relationships—“onboarding” in EDI lingo—requires a special brand of diligence and patience. Once implemented, changes that require skilled maintenance are inevitable. Here are some of the factors. Multiple Parties At least two entities, the buyer’s and seller’s EDI departments, must be involved in establishing electronic connections for trade. Often there are […]

The “Where Is It? I Want To Know Now!” Business

Omnichannel marketplaces for B2C commerce continue to drive big changes for B2B suppliers – not just in fulfillment quantities and processes, but also in meeting trade compliance demands. Keeping a competitive edge demands more and faster access to supply chain information. It isn’t just what you know, but when and how you find out. In […]

How Volumes Affect EDI Requirements

EDI users face one of three scenarios: They are experiencing rapid growth—by adding new customers, selling more to existing customers—or both They are growing steadily—minding costs and performance to maximize profitability Or they must manage seasonality, with swings in orders and need to handle high peak demand Rapid Growth Example One of our customers blew […]

Do Try This At Home: Customer Products Featured At Summer Event

Yes, Try This At Home Here are a few of our customers’ great products that we served at RedTail’s summer cookout last week. Thanks to all of them for making such wonderful food, drink, and shelter! Most were available in our local markets; some we ordered online.  

New and Updated Amazon ASN Related Chargebacks

Here is the full text of Amazon’s chargeback update that was sent to suppliers: Dear Amazon Vendor, Important: Please note that the fee structure for the all ASN-related chargebacks will be changing. These chargebacks will move from a flat fee to a % of COGS. Please see the List of chargebacks help topic in Vendor […]