New and Updated Amazon ASN Related Chargebacks

Here is the full text of Amazon’s chargeback update that was sent to suppliers:

Dear Amazon Vendor,

Important: Please note that the fee structure for the all ASN-related chargebacks will be changing. These chargebacks will move from a flat fee to a % of COGS. Please see the List of chargebacks help topic in Vendor Central for the exact fee structure.

The following existing chargebacks will be consolidated into one, ASN on-time non-compliance chargeback:

  • Late ASN – Small Parcel
  • No ASN – Small Parcel
  • Late ASN – TL/LTL
  • No ASN – TL/LTL

An ASN on-time non-compliance chargeback will be issued for every purchase order received without an accurate ASN at the time of delivery to an Amazon fulfillment center. While you may begin receiving consolidated notifications as of July 1st, 2015, you will not be charged for this non-compliance until August 1st, 2015.

In addition, we have expanded the scope of the Invalid or missing information in ASN chargeback to include the following ASN information for both small parcel and TL/LTL shipments:

  • For collect vendors, Amazon Reference Number (ARN) (also referred to as Shipment ID)
  • For prepaid vendors, PRO number (defects where the PRO received from the vendor does not match the PRO number received from the carrier)
  • For EDI vendors, Unit of Measure (ASNs sent with a quantity unit of measure which is different from the quantity unit of measure issued on the purchase order. For example, if our PO is for “2 CA (cases)” and you send an ASN with “16 EA (Eaches),” you will be subject to a chargeback.
  • Expiration dates, for applicable products
    Note for EDI vendors: Remember to use the 5010 version of EDI 856 when submitting your ASN for shipments containing perishable products. Only the 5010 version will allow you to provide the required expiration dates.

While you may begin receiving notifications of Invalid or missing information in ASN non-compliance as of July 1st, 2015, we will not begin charging for this non-compliance until September 1st, 2015.

To learn more about these chargebacks and how to prevent them, sign in to Vendor Central, click Help, and go to the Vendor Operational Performance (Chargebacks) section to view the following help topics:

If you have any questions, sign in to Vendor Central at and click ‘Contact Us’ on any page. Please do not reply directly to this email. This is an unmonitored account.

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