2014 Retailer Brand Value

Are the Best Retailer Brands the Largest?

North America’s best retailer brands were recently ranked by Interbrand according to total brand value. Walmart, well known as the world’s largest retailer, nabbed the top spot. Most surprising was the ninth-ranked company, Coach, whose sales are only 1.2% of Walmart’s and dwarfed by hundreds of other retailers.

Here’s why: Interbrand’s valuation method takes into account multiple factors besides annual sales. The average for the top 15 retail brands was about 30% of sales. Coach achieved 227%. Other out-performers include eBay, Victoria’s Secret, and Nordstrom .

(Brand Value in $Billions) Sources: Interbrand.com and Stores.org

Thought-provoking ratings include Publix, ranked 10th, while Kroger – nearly ten times as large – isn’t in the top 50. Compare the Interbrand list to STORES Magazine 2014 list of the top 250 global retailers for more revelations.

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