Cloud Delivered, Managed EDI Service Frees Up Resources

“We had an in house EDI and GDS solution that became too expensive to manage and maintain. We needed a single interface that was less expensive to manage.”
—CIO of leading retail manufacturer

“We just couldn’t manage our current EDI volume. We desperately needed tighter integration to our remote warehouse, so we could streamline and automate our production of ASNs.”
—End user of CPG manufacturer

Struggling to manage your own EDI operation? Tying up precious IT resources updating EDI maps and troubleshooting failed transactions? Do you suspect that the real cost per EDI transaction is eating into margins? RedTail’s managed EDI service can help.

On this page you’ll find resources that will help you assess your EDI operations and nail down the cost per EDI transaction. You will hear from companies that made the switch to outsource EDI and turn it over to the experts, saving money and improving compliance in the process.

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EDI Software – An Outmoded Approach

Traditional software doesn’t cut it – it’s outdated the moment it is installed. Besides, who has the resources to hire, train, and retain a staff dedicated to EDI?

Fortunately, there is a better way. RedTail Solutions offers EDI with no capital investment and low, pay-per-use fees. RedTail’s managed EDI service includes not only the latest technology, but also experts who handle the arcane details of EDI for you. With a single, seamless interface for all trading partners, EDI transactions are linked to your accounting system with no manual translation or data entry. Everything you need is delivered without buying software and hardware or adding staff. With RedTail, you gain the benefits of first-rate EDI and skip the traditional overhead.

Cost per EDI Transaction Analysis Tool (xls – requires registration)
Six Ways Suppliers Waste Money on EDI (pdf)
Six Questions to Ask an EDI Provider (pdf)
Turn EDI Over to the Experts (pdf)
Case Study – Westminster (pdf)
Case Study – ATSCO (pdf)
Case Study – A. O. Smith (pdf)
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EDI is a Process, not a Package

RedTail takes responsibility for your EDI success—every transaction, with every trading partner, every day—beginning with setup and testing of your trading relationships. RedTail Managed EDI powers transaction processing with secure, fault-tolerant datacenters that host all translation and mapping software, hardware and network infrastructure. Transactions are monitored constantly so that problems are corrected before they become critical. Best of all, everything is managed, maintained and supported by RedTail’s experienced EDI team.

RedTail Manages EDI — You Grow Your Business

With thousands of trading partners and suppliers already on board, we’ve got the know-how to provide comprehensive EDI services fast, and for far less than you ever thought possible. Global Data Synchronization (GDS—delivered as a cloud managed service with RedTail’s unmatched reliability and expertise—is also available to enhance your company’s electronic commerce success.