Infor VISUAL EDI Solutions from RedTail

RedTail EDI enables suppliers to receive and review electronic purchase orders easily and send them directly to Infor VISUAL—eliminating any manual or duplicate key entry of information. Invoices and shipping information created within Infor VISUAL are automatically routed through RedTail EDI for translation and forwarding to trading partners.


RedTail EDI is quick, simple and cost-effective.

As an outsourced managed service, RedTail EDI adapts to the inevitable changes demanded by current and future trading partners without requiring expert in-house staff or expensive infrastructure. RedTail takes responsibility for your EDI success from setup and testing through transaction processing. Imagine—no EDI software hassles, no manual webforms. Just world-class EDI.

RedTail EDI provides users with a powerful interface for all EDI transactions (both inbound and outbound), including DELFOR, DELJIT, and DESADV.  Transactions can be reviewed, optionally edited, and approved / rejected individually or in batch.  Seamless integration with Info VISUAL ensures that no duplicate data entry is necessary and that all transactions are performed with the same business logic validations as the standard Infor VISUAL client.

RedTail EDI for Infor VISUAL is full-service EDI with no capital investment and low, all-inclusive transaction fees. All EDI transactions supported.

RedTail EDI for Infor VISUAL Datasheet (pdf)
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