RedTail EDI – Cloud Powered, Managed EDI Services

EDI is a Process, not a Package
RedTail EDI provides the benefits of world-class trade compliance without buying EDI software or hardware or adding staff. RedTail takes responsibility for your EDI success – every transaction, with every trading partner, every day – beginning with setup and testing of your trading relationships.

Graphical Display of Order-to-Cash Status
Last mile connectivity enables visibility from trading partners into ERP, inbound and outbound.

RedTail powers transaction processing through secure, fault-tolerant cloud resources that host all translation and mapping infrastructure. Transactions are monitored constantly so that problems are corrected before they become critical. RedTail EDI links directly to your ERP system with no manual re-entry of data, and provides a simple way to review transactions. Best of all, everything is managed, maintained and supported by RedTail’s experienced EDI team.

Complexity Made Simple: A Better Way to Do EDI

  • No capital investment
  • Low, pay-per-use fees
  • Latest cloud technology
  • Experts who handle arcane EDI details for you
  • Single, seamless interface for all trading partners
  • EDI transactions linked directly to accounting ERP systems
  • No manual EDI translation or data entry
  • No EDI software required

RedTail Manages EDI: You Grow Your Business

With thousands of trading partners and suppliers already on board, RedTail has the know-how to provide comprehensive EDI services fast, and at lower cost than you ever thought possible.

EDI document mapping is not a core competency for your company. Why invest in being good at Gentran, Sterling Integrator, TrustedLink, or BizTalk software layers? Free your company from the burden of trading partner onboarding and maintenance. Save all the resources you now spend hosting and managing finicky software.

Concentrate on your business. Do what you do best. RedTail will handle EDI for you.

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