EDI Integration with Accounting/ERP Systems

RedTail EDI integrates with popular accounting/ERP systems right out of the box. (Well, out of the cloud—there is no box.)

Orders are sent electronically directly to the accounting/ERP system. Invoices and shipping information are generated and routed through RedTail EDI with automatic translation, formatting, forwarding, monitoring and complete audit trail. Keystrokes and the errors they cause are gone!

RedTail EDI also validates product descriptions, shipping data and internal pricing rules with the accounting/ERP system—creating cross-references where necessary—to maintain the integrity of your business information. This close coupling is far more valuable than simplistic data transfers others claim as “integration.”

RedTail provides automatic updates to our interfaces at no additional cost whenever accounting/ERP vendors publish new versions.

RedTail EDI is Connected

RedTail provides full-function, cloud-delivered EDI-ERP integration with these popular systems:

Custom and other EDI ERP Integration
If you use a different ERP system, our standards-based data interface makes it straightforward to implement an integrated solution. Contact us to discuss your EDI ERP integration requirements.